Collaboration with GU’s Surgery course

During the summer, we started a collaboration with the Surgery course held at Gothenburg University hospital, Sahlgrenska. Thanks to this collaboration, we have gained access to all exam questions that we have now largely incorporated into the system.

We have started to enroll users on the Cortexio site Hypocampus and it feels very good. Everyone on the Surgery course has received invitations and we have already received very positive reactions, thanks for that!

In the picture you see Elias speaking to the class when we were visiting to collect feedback.

Since the product is still under development, there are great opportunities to influence. So take the chance and send feedback, either inside the system or by mail. Something that many have already done, thank you very much.

Sprint Demo

If you feel like joining one of our sprint demons, where we go through what we have been doing for the past two weeks, then just give it a go.

This week, there was raspberry cake on the menu.