Improved AT test on Hypocampus

Hypocampus is a site for Medical students built on Cortexio.

The AT test on Hypocampus from Hypocampus on Vimeo .

Now we have improved the AT section on Hypocampus!

  • Links to sections in chapters and to external links to read more about the correct answer.
  • Ability to repeat only those questions where you previously answered incorrectly.
  • More detailed statistics broken down on chapter level.

The AT tests in Hypocampus follow the same template as in the real AT tests with four cases in General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery and Psychiatry.

Because we categorize each question in Hypocampus, we can present detailed statistics based on how you answered the questions.

At chapter level you can easily click on to read more about a chapter or start a question session on the chapter.

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