First Sprint at Stena Center

At Cortexio we mostly work with two-week work cycles, called sprints.

During a sprint, we first plan the work to be done in the next two weeks, break it down into smaller parts and prioritize the parts.


This sprint we have worked extensively with Link Targets and our Link Robot: To be able to mark important words in the text as Link Targets and to get a link to the Link Target on all other pages in Cortexio. In order to avoid going through all the chapters and finding the words that will become links, we have created a Link Robot that goes through the text and creates the links for us.

Link stratum corneum :

Created for the definition in another chapter:


We have also added a feedback feature to submit comments on the text.

Is there anything missing, are there misspellings or is something incorrect? Give us feedback!

Sprint Demo

After each sprint, we invite you to a sprint demo where we show off what we have done over the past two weeks.

The demo ended with a coffee at our new office at Stena Center here in Gothenburg.