Analytics with Magnus

Cortexio has had a research focus since the start, with the intent on improving the student efficiency by leveraging data gathered from the study sessions.

Magnus Ödman has been working full time with this since 2018 at Cortexio. Here are some thoughts from Magnus.

(Cortexio is the learning platform created by Hypocampus AB.)


Master in Engineering Physics at Chalmers University.
IT consultant for over 15 years with a wide range of assignments, most recently at Volvo Cars.
On his spare time:
Plays guitar and sings in a band, plays old boys football and cuddles with his dog.

Work on Cortexio

Magnus has developed a new Analytics service for Cortexio that collects and processes study activity. This service makes it possible to give better recommendations for each student on what to study and which questions to repeat.

How much data do you gather on a normal day?

We log 500 000 student interactions every day. An interaction can be a student reading a chapter in a book or answering a question. The interaction analytic data has doubled since last year.

What are you working on right now?

We are refining the  spaced repetition algorithm for a better user experience. I think we nailed it for our new users but we have to improve the experience for long term users.

What does a normal day at the office look like?

In the morning we have a standup where we discuss what we plan to achieve that day. Then there is a lot of thinking, discussing, programming and coffee drinking.

What will you work on next?

Cortexio is expanding with new partners. In the next 6 months we want to offer them analytics services to help them build successful sites giving their users the best possible learning experience.

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