Usage statistics 2018

Hypocampus is a site for Medical students built on Cortexio.

  • Hypocampus started fall of 2016
  • The number of users steadily grew to just over 1000 users until the end of the year 16/17
  • After the end of spring 2017, we had more than 4,000 users – Medical students, AT doctors, Doctors with overseas European degree, Sub-doctors and Specialist doctors
  • During the fall 2017, the group of medical students grew from 4000 to 6700
  • Spring 2018 we went from 6,700 – 8,900 users, and fall of 2018 from 8,900-12,000
  • During fall of 2018, we introduced a freemium model of 3 chapters and 3 questions each day ( )
  • Increased usage in 2018 despite payment restrictions (number of users and page views)

At Cortexio anonymous data is collected to see how the system is used and to be able to improve it. (A session starts each time a user visits the page, and ends when the user has been inactive for a short time.)

Since fall of 2017 is usually completed in January we included statistics from February 2018 onwards, we then included data until Jan 2019.

VT 2018 (VT = first half of the year)
HT 2018 (HT = second half of the year)
Comparison VT / HT 2018 (first half vs second half of the year)

The number of pageviews per session and the number of events decreased during second half of 2018 – which is a result of the freemium model we introduced.

Over the holidays, the session length does not differ much while the number of events does. The number of events goes up around the exam period as more users spend time answering questions then, and learning by answering questions is good! Read more about how good it is to answer questions at

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