Study time 2019

Focused study time
Focused study time

2019 we set a record of the total number of study hours in Cortexio! 182 thousand hours were spent studying, that’s a 48% increase compared to 2018.

A student spends an average of 5min 30s on each chapter and 1min 20s on each question. This is what we call focused study time – which is about 15-20% lower than the total time in the system – since we only measure the time a student is actively studying.

Having good precision in the measurement of the time spend studying is important for the research conducted at Cortexio.
We collaborate with researchers at Linnaeus University and UmeƄ University to investigate what successful study patterns in Cortexio look like. We collect a big number of data points during a study session: Reading time, time spent on images and videos, text markings and notes made, time spent answering a question and reviewing the answer, etc. In addition, the researchers have access to a cognitive test that a large number of students voluntarily answered, as well as diagnostic knowledge tests.

Hopefully, the research can form the basis for a more adaptive study experience.

For example, the data we collect is used to:

  • Adjust the relationship between reading time and question time based on the individual’s cognitive profile (currently the distribution between reading time and questions is 50/50)
  • Individualize repetition patterns
  • Customize the difficulty of the questions to the user’s level of knowledge

In the spring of 2020 we will work on improving our interface to repeat questions, please come up with suggestions on how you would like it!

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