Test enhanced learning

Here you’ll learn more about the theories behind Test Enhanced Learning,  an educational method for more efficient learning. We at Cortexio use this theory as the basis in our pedagogical approach in building the system. Feel free to provide feedback, or suggestions for changes and improvements!

Test enhanced learning from Hypocampus on Vimeo.

To use Cortexio Test Enhanced Learning :

Cortexio takes advantage of the latest pedagogical research to improve learning and thus improve the education for our students. This is done by reinforcing the first step of learning: to take in information, but also by making the material interactive with text, pictures and films. Whereupon, higher learning is made possible by allowing students to obtain satisfactory knowledge through questions linked to each text. The results of the questions is shown in the text in order to get an overview of what you know and what you need to study more.

One of the problems with traditional learning materials is that it is difficult to identify your knowledge gaps if you’re not tasked with answering questions. Most people know that there is a lot they do not know, but it is difficult to identify what you don’t know that you should know. It is also difficult to identify what you have forgotten or probably will forget. Cortexio helps you by giving you statistics of what you have studied and when – and what you haven’t studied.

Cortexio offers you the opportunity to focus on the knowledge gaps!

Hypocampus launches!

The service is now open to everyone! We are working full time with both material and software so please continue to send suggestions and feedback on the service.

We are currently working on a feature to add your own notes to the text. We are also evaluating the scoring system and statistics to provide the best possible feedback to your learning.

Slowly but surely we are adding the components that a student needs for the most efficient learning. Our plan is to have more support for Spaced repetition in place within a short while.

Update to the statistics section

We have focused on making the question experience even better by giving you more feedback on progress as you ask questions and in the overview. And it is now easier than before to start a question session and to select questions.

More and more material is being added all the time and we are working to make your experience as good as possible.

Easier selection of questions

With a new cleaner tool for selecting questions, it is now easier to make selections based on book, chapters and previous results. You quickly see how many questions the question session will have.

By choosing only questions where you answered incorrectly in the past, you get much more effective learning.

Progress over time

You can now see the points that you accumulate within each book part and see which points you answered correctly or incorrectly within a book part.

In this way you can see how you are developing as you study. These points are also linked to answer markings within the chapter.

More intuitive score information

While doing a question session you can now see your current result in a clear diagram.