Quizzing with Cortexio

We are currently working on developing the question section on the Cortexio.


Often associated with online questionnaires are the classic multiplechoice (MCQ) questions. These types of question were the ones we started with.

Material text questions

But in order to make it a little more challenging, we also want to be able to have questions where you do not get any alternatives, but you have to enter the whole answer yourself. This opens up a lot of problems when it comes to the correction. Should the computer interpret the answer and find some keywords in the answer? It can be very complicated! Instead, we have chosen self-correction, something that feels very fair.

You first get a question and write down your answer.

When you are satisfied with your answer, click Correct and see the answer highlighted in the text material.

You now have to decide how well you knew the answer to the question yourself.

Your answers are then linked to the text material so you know what you need to read more about. More about that and personal statistics in upcoming posts.

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