Customized Course

Hypocampus is a site for Medical students built on Cortexio.

Since the launch of Cortexio, we have built the system on high quality materials: Text, images and questions.

The text has been divided into books that often correspond to a course – but not fully, and not for everyone. Courses differ depending on the school, year, teacher, etc. That is why we are working hard to make it possible to reorder, select and add material to a course based on the material in the library together with material created by students and teachers. The material does not necessarily have to be chapters but can be something that supports the studies: presentations, documents, pictures etc.

The university students in Cortexio can create their own course or follow a course created by another student. It is also possible to make the course hidden, or only open to those who are invited to the course.

As the owner of a course you can also make additions to the material directly in chapters.

We are also working on the opportunity to create Quiz for a course – well-selected questions on the course, based on self-composed and existing questions. Here there is some work left to make question creation easy to use before it is opened up to all students.

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